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I rolled over and over.

Ok, time for a real update. One that says pretty much everything that's happened in the past month or so.

Let's see. I started working at Target the last week of July. I work on the Sales Floor. I gotta tell you, it's not too bad at all. The people I work with are cool and I get joy in helping people out. Especially when I call up to get an item for them that's not on display and they start thanking me over and over. I smile. Yes, I do. Or when I work in Electronics and I help people out with their digital cameras. Or when I call other stores in search of an item. I used to hate doing that when I worked at Carson's, but now I don't mind it at all. I like making someone's day.........For now any way.

Only thing that sucks about the job is the fact that I get paid every other week. That sucks. Cuz I gotta try my hardest not to spend until then. It's hard, I tells ya.

So on August 29th, I got my drivers license. Yep. FINALLY! I haven't really been driving around a lot, just to and from work. That's about 20 minutes there and 20 back. Ok, maybe that is a littttle bit of a distance. Haha. The first real place I drove to was Old Navy. I needed my Old Navy fix, dammit!

The 29th, 30th, and 31st of August, I went to all three Sox/Devil Rays games. I went wearing my Brandon McCarthy jersey shirt and with my "The McCarthy Party" sign. I got to see him pitch during the third game.....but he got the loss. :( Poor guy's been struggling lately. And it saddens me. Because I love that guy. Yeah, I've got a giant man crush on him, fuck off.

During the second game, Kim and I got on tv. She had her "I <3 Brian Anderson.....even when he had the mullet" sign and after he got a hit, she waved it and they showed us. Of course, we can't find anyone who saw it other than one person, and her brothers didn't TIVO that game, so we can't see the footage.

Speaking of my Kimmy, we're doing great. Over 9 months so far and the 25th will mark 10 months. I've never been happier than I am with her. And she feels the same way. I love her. I do. I love her with all my heart. She knows this. I tell her every chance I get. This damn job has caused me to see her less though. That's not cool, man. Not at all. Every damn chance I get, I go see her. Work's screwed me over though for at least two weeks because I'm working weird shifts for a few straight days. And that cuts into my Kimmy time drastically.

It hurts when I'm not with her. And listening to certain songs messes with my heart. Much like "Transatlanticism" with it's lyrics:
"The distance is quite simply much for me to row, it seems farther than ever before. I need you so much closer."

And "Third Engine" by my guys Saves the Day:
"And the other week I hopped on a train cutting through state lines to come to you."

"Sometimes a train can't go as fast as I want it to."

"Did you know, my sweet, that I once took the liberty of watching you in your sleep?"

"Third Engine" was always my favorite STD song (next to "Jodie, which is the greatest Saves the Day song they will ever write and play) and how fitting is it that it became a song that's basically dedicated to my girlfriend? If I had talent and Chris Conley's genius writting skills, that's the song that I would write for her. Thankfully, Saves the Day wrote it in 1999.

Mmkay, that's all I'm gonna write. I decided to write because I was listening to "Third Engine" and got to thinking about Kimmy which I always do and it made me want to jot things down.

I'm out.
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