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Welcome to Richville. Popluation: Me

Contents may include boringness

Dick the Great
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Hello to all and allow myself to introduce myself.

-My name is Rich/Dick/Dick the Great/Richual/Rap Master Rich/D the G
-I rep the E to the C in the IN.
-I'm 20.
-I'm in love with Tina Fey.
-I'm a big time Chicago White Sox fan.
-I hate the cubs/cubs fans with a fucking passion.
-I wear hats pretty much all the time.
-I spend all day listening to the jams on my compu.
-I love making crappy lj icons/lj backgrounds. Although their crappyness is slowly declining.
-I'm a Seinfeld nut/genius.
-The above pretty much goes with the Simpsons as well.
-I believe that Star Wars is the greatest thing to every happen to the world of film.
-I love Kim the Great. A whole lot.

If you actually read those, thanks. Because I was hoping that I didn't type it all for nothing.
If you want, add me to that friends list of yours. I won't care.

Peace out.

chi_white_sox! Sox-ingham Fountain made by me, dasanixcore
All SOX fans must join.

Bow DownTina is Love made by me, dasanixcore
Tina Fey is uber-sexy love.
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